About Us


Fidrox IT Solutions LLC is a Technical Support Firm that helps customers to Fix with any Technology-related issues remotely. We are based in Florida and caters our services all over the world. Fidrox IT Solutions LLC provides  subscription-based technical support for everything, from personal computers to mobile problems.

We will make sure you have been provided the best tech support, who are highly knowledgeable, professional, and also very friendly. Our Team will make sure your device is fully functional before they exit.

Dysfunctional devices can slow down your daily operations on a personal and professional level. Our services can ensure that you can remain connected 24/7. We can provide you with remote support where we can access your devices remotely to resolve any technical issues .

Fidrox IT Solutions LLC is an independent service provider and now has gone global in a short time. We have more to offer than just tech support. We currently provide effective, stylish, and efficient website designs and web development at affordable prices. We are also equipped to assist you in developing mobile applications for both IOS and Android. We have experts who can produce search engine optimization methods and effective digital publishing systems, which is the new standard in the publishing world.

We are a transparent unit. The rigorous screening process we utilize allows us to select only those with excellent technical expertise, communication skills, and flexibility to serve you around the clock.